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Katia ....

22 iunie 2009 at 6/22/2009 03:00:00 p.m.

A trecut si sesiunea (cu bine din fericire) si a venit vacanta mult asteptata de unii ;)) Un prim an de facultate acceptabil (dintr-un anumit punct de vedere un prim an chiar foarte frumos :P ), dar care ramane in urma. Acum in vacanta pot sa imi dedic timpul lucrurilor care imi plac: japoneza, chitara, excursiile la munte si nu in ultimul rand domeniului informatic.
Cum am scapat de ultimul examen am mers impreuna cu un prieten de al meu , Andrei, si cu Marius k sa imi iau chitara. Desi initial ma gandeam la o chitara clasica am ales pana la urma o chitara acustica Ibanez de care is foarte mandru :D Desi nu obisnuiesc am botezat-o Katia la sugestia Irinei (pana la urma suna bine numele ). Am inceput sa invat sa cant la ea (k doar de asta am luat-o), dar sunt abia la inceput si stiu k am enorm de mult de munca.
Despre japoneza ... cursurile la Palatul Copiilor vor tine pana pe 11 iulie daca am inteles bine, insa o sa incerc sa nu ma las dus de spiritul vancantei si voi incerca sa invat pe cont propriu cat pot de mult.
Muntele si informatica ... am niste planuri si pentru acestea insa deocamdata vor trebui sa astepte.

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Fantasy game intro

10 iunie 2009 at 6/10/2009 10:16:00 p.m.

- A long time ago there was a battle on this very earth we stand on today … a mighty clash of bone and steel, flesh and blood, will and anger, power and magic … a clash of the titans and their mortal army’s. Even now we hear the voices of our fallen brethren … still they torment us … … for too long we have suffered their presence, for too long we have suffered the tyranny … we are the mighty immortal warriors of this land … tonight we shall end it …
His voice sounded as a thunder in the valley. The warriors were ready for the battle … their power seemed undeniable …
- Ready yourselves for a glorious night … a night full of blood and vengeance for tomorrow we shall be free and our brethren will be avenged … … Are you ready ?!!
The army responded fiercely … there was nothing to stop them … or was it ? …

ps: this came into my mind today and I thought it could be an interesting fantasy game intro so it's just an idea if you like it ok, if you don't like it again it's ok :) and for the voice of the one that is speaking think at something like the voice of Illidan in the intro from the Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

ps#2: if you think there are any mistakes please tell me so that I might correct them (after all I'm no expert:P )

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